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Intology Tech & ConnectSecure: Leading Cybersecurity Resilience for SMBs

Intology Tech & ConnectSecure: Leading Cybersecurity Resilience for SMBs


In an era dominated by digital advancements, cybersecurity stands as the bulwark against potential threats. Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) often find themselves navigating the treacherous waters of cyber threats. This is where Managed Service Providers (MSPs) like Intology Tech step in, ensuring these businesses not only weather the storm but emerge stronger. A cornerstone of this protection is the vigilant practice of vulnerability management.

The Intology Tech Advantage with ConnectSecure

Intology Tech, in partnership with ConnectSecure, offers a vulnerability management system that is nothing short of revolutionary. This collaboration empowers Intology Tech to provide SMBs with a comprehensive understanding of every vulnerability and the means to address them, a necessity in today's intricate threat and compliance environment.

By integrating ConnectSecure, Intology Tech offers its clients:

  • Building Cyber Resilience: Through a rigorous assessment of cybersecurity practices, ensuring optimal protection.

  • Boosting Credibility: By showcasing a profound understanding of compliance and vulnerability detection, solidifying their position as industry leaders.

  • Powering Sales: By fostering informed discussions about risk, reinforcing their stature as cybersecurity experts.

Industry testimonials, including those from leaders like Tim Fournet (CISO at Rader) and Karl Bickmore (CEO at Snap Tech IT), highlight the transformative potential of ConnectSecure when wielded by MSPs like Intology Tech.

ConnectSecure & Intology Tech: A Unified B2B Cybersecurity Front

Intology Tech, leveraging ConnectSecure's platform, offers an intuitive, multi-tenant, all-in-one B2B cybersecurity solution. This isn't just about pinpointing vulnerabilities; it's about actionable remediation. Whether the aim is vulnerability assessment, remediation, or regulatory compliance, Intology Tech, with ConnectSecure, stands ready to exceed client expectations.

Intology Tech's Commitment to Cybersecurity Vulnerability Assessments

The looming shadow of cyberattacks is a constant threat to SMBs. However, with Intology Tech's expertise and the power of cybersecurity assessments, this challenge transforms into an opportunity. By utilizing ConnectSecure's tools, Intology Tech not only earns client trust but also fortifies its reputation as a cybersecurity titan.

Elevating Board-Level Cybersecurity Awareness with Intology Tech

Beyond providing top-tier cybersecurity solutions, Intology Tech emphasizes the importance of board-level awareness. By offering a board paper summary, Intology Tech ensures that organizations are well-versed in their risk landscape. This initiative guarantees that cybersecurity remains a pivotal discussion point during board meetings, underscoring its paramount importance in the contemporary business milieu.


In a world rife with cyber threats, proactive defense mechanisms are indispensable. With ConnectSecure's vulnerability management system in its arsenal, Intology Tech is poised to lead the charge in cybersecurity resilience, safeguarding businesses today and in the future.

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