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Intology Tech Remote Support

Screenwise - ScreenConnect Image

To allow an Intology Support Technician access to your PC/Server, please read the instructions below. If you have any questions, please contact Intology Tech on +44(0)1642 040 041 or [email protected].

  • Open your preferred web browser (e.g., Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) on your computer.

  • In the address bar, type in the URL provided by your IT support technician for ConnectWise from ScreenConnect. It usually looks like, or simply click the button below. Press Enter to navigate to the website if entering the above URL.

  • You will be directed to ConnectWise from the ScreenConnect login page. You will see a prompt: "Welcome to our online remote support and collaboration portal. Your screen will be prompting for session code". Follow the instructions provided by your IT support technician and enter the required code accurately. This might have been sent over email; please ensure that the email has come from Intology.

  • Click on the "Join" or "Connect" button/icon to initiate the remote support connection; see the image below.

Join with code screen
Enter the code provided and click the white arrow icon.
  • A small application or file may be downloaded to your computer. If prompted, click on "Run" or "Allow" to proceed with the download and installation.

  • Once the application is installed, it will automatically launch and connect you to the remote support session. You may see a disclaimer or notification about the remote connection. Read it carefully and click on "Accept" or "Continue" to proceed.

  • Your IT support technician will now have control over your computer and will be able to assist you remotely. They may request your permission to access certain files or perform specific actions on your computer. Follow their instructions and provide the necessary permissions if required.

  • During the remote support session, you can communicate with your IT support technician through a chat window or by speaking over the phone. Describe your issue or request clearly and provide any additional information or details as requested.

  • Once the remote support session is complete, your IT support technician will disconnect from your computer. You can close the ConnectWise from the ScreenConnect application or simply exit the web browser.

Remember, always ensure that you are initiating a remote support connection with a trusted IT support technician from Intology Tech or any authorised entity.

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