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Introducing the APC Line-Interactive Tower 0.75 kVA UPS - the ultimate solution for uninterrupted power supply! With its cutting-edge technology and robust features, this UPS is designed to keep your critical devices powered up and protected during power outages or fluctuations. 

Featuring a line-interactive topology, this UPS ensures seamless transition between utility power and battery power, providing reliable backup power when you need it the most. Its 0.75 kVA capacity is perfect for small office setups, home networks, or personal computers, ensuring that your essential electronics stay powered up and protected.

Key Features:
1. Reliable Power Protection: Safeguard your valuable electronics from power surges, spikes, and outages, ensuring uninterrupted operation and preventing data loss or equipment damage.
2. Energy Efficiency: With its energy-saving features, this UPS optimizes power consumption, reducing energy costs and environmental impact.
3. LCD Display: The built-in LCD display provides real-time information on power status, battery capacity, and load levels, allowing for easy monitoring and management.
4. Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR): The AVR feature stabilizes voltage fluctuations, protecting your devices from harmful power conditions and extending their lifespan.
5. User-Friendly Design: Compact and easy to install, this tower UPS fits seamlessly into any workspace, providing hassle-free operation and maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
- Q: How long will the UPS provide backup power?
  A: The backup time depends on the load connected to the UPS. Generally, it can provide backup power for a few minutes to allow for a safe shutdown of your devices.
- Q: Can this UPS protect my sensitive electronics from power surges?
  A: Absolutely! This UPS is equipped with surge protection capabilities to safeguard your devices from damaging power surges.
- Q: Can I connect multiple devices to this UPS?
  A: Yes, you can connect multiple devices to this UPS, as long as the total load does not exceed its capacity of 0.75 kVA.
- Q: Does this UPS come with a warranty?
  A: Yes, APC provides a standard warranty for this UPS, ensuring peace of mind and reliable support.
- Q: Is the UPS compatible with both Windows and Mac systems?
  A: Yes, this UPS is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems, making it suitable for a wide range of devices and setups.

APC Line-Interactive Tower 0.75 kVA UPS

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