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Introducing the APC Standby (Offline) Tower 0.5 kVA UPS - the ultimate power protection solution for your valuable electronic devices. With its advanced features and reliable performance, this UPS ensures uninterrupted power supply, safeguarding your equipment from unexpected power outages, voltage fluctuations, and surges. 

Key Features:
1. Reliable Power Backup: The APC Standby Tower UPS provides reliable power backup, allowing you to continue working or gaming without interruption during power outages.
2. Surge Protection: Protect your valuable devices from damaging power surges with the built-in surge protection feature of this UPS.
3. Voltage Regulation: The UPS offers voltage regulation, ensuring a stable and consistent power supply to your devices, preventing damage caused by voltage fluctuations.
4. User-friendly Design: The tower design of this UPS makes it easy to install and use. Its compact size allows for convenient placement in any home or office setup.
5. Energy Efficient: With its energy-saving features, this UPS helps reduce energy consumption, saving you money on electricity bills.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
- Q: How long can this UPS provide backup power?
  A: The backup time depends on the power load. At full load, it can provide approximately 10 minutes of backup power.
- Q: Can I connect multiple devices to this UPS?
  A: Yes, you can connect multiple devices to this UPS as long as the total power load does not exceed its capacity.
- Q: Does this UPS come with a warranty?
  A: Yes, the APC Standby Tower UPS comes with a standard manufacturer warranty of 2 years.
- Q: Can I use this UPS for my gaming console?
  A: Absolutely! This UPS is designed to protect all kinds of electronic devices, including gaming consoles.
- Q: Does this UPS have an automatic shutdown feature?
  A: Yes, it has an automatic shutdown feature that safely powers down your connected devices in case of a prolonged power outage.

Invest in the APC Standby (Offline) Tower 0.5 kVA UPS to ensure uninterrupted power supply and protect your valuable electronic devices. Experience peace of mind knowing that your equipment is safeguarded against power outages, surges, and voltage fluctuations. Order now and enjoy reliable power protection at an affordable price.

APC Standby (Offline) Tower 0.5 kVA UPS

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