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Product Description:

The Dell 3440 14-inch Business Laptop, powered by the latest 13th gen Intel® Core™ i5, is a remarkable blend of performance and portability. It's a robust computing device that's designed to keep up with the demands of modern businesses. This laptop is a product of Intology Tech, the leading IT supplier in the UK, ensuring its exceptional quality and reliability.


The Dell 3440 boasts a 14-inch display, providing a vibrant and crisp visual experience that's perfect for presentations, video conferences, and even for some downtime entertainment. It's equipped with an 8GB RAM that allows for smooth multitasking across multiple applications without any lag. 


With a 256GB storage capacity, it offers ample space for all your important files and documents. It runs on Windows 11 Pro, providing a user-friendly interface and a host of innovative features designed to enhance productivity and security. 


Product Specifications:

- Brand: Dell
- Model: 3440
- Display: 14 inches
- Processor: 13th gen Intel® Core™ i5
- RAM: 8GB
- Storage: 256GB 
- Operating System: Windows 11 Pro
- Supplier: Intology Tech


The Dell 3440 14 14-inch business Laptop is a testament to Intology Tech's commitment to providing top-tier IT solutions. It's a smart investment for businesses looking to boost productivity and efficiency.

Dell 3440 14 Inch 13th gen Intel® Core™ i5 8 256 Windows 11 Pro Business Laptop

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