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Proofpoint Essentials protects small and medium-sized enterprises from today’s advanced threats, compliance risks and digital fraud. It offers enterprise-grade security technology and infrastructure—used to protect some of the largest organizations in the world—tailored to the needs of smaller enterprises. Proofpoint Essentials works with many email platforms, including Microsoft Office 365, and is available in four packages – Beginner, Business, Advanced, and Professional.

With Proofpoint Essentials, users can enhance their email security with spam and phishing detection, multilayer anti-virus, and a robust filter rules engine. Compliance efforts are supported with policy-enforced encryption and a cloud-based email archive managed in a simple, intuitive user interface. In addition, users can keep their business communications up and running in the event of planned or unplanned outages with email continuity and the Proofpoint Emergency Inbox.

 Proofpoint Essentials has advanced reporting capabilities and administrative controls like multi-level logins, domain management, comprehensive and instant log search, and Active Directory sync for Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Azure.


  • Spam, virus, and zero-hour threat protection
  • Outbound filtering, email encryption and data loss protection (DLP)
  • Disaster recovery with email continuity and archiving
  • Advanced Reporting


  • Protects uses and the business network from email-borne threats
  • Cloud-based service requires no hardware or software to deploy
  • Ensures business communications keep running during outages
  • Promotes compliance efforts
  • Service is updated automatically


Proofpoint Essentials - Email Security

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